About us

Our Nature Inside manufactures posters with minerals from all over the world. We call it… “Modern Art from Inside Earth!” by OnidB2.

The Art is meant to show the ordinary audience how our world was created and given to us with rocks and minerals, with or without crystals and how beautiful these occurrences can be.

The artistic posters is created by David Bach Borch (OnidB2) and the images of the crystals are in very high quality!

If you would like to learn more about minerals, crystals and rocks found in the nature a site like would be a place to start. The Specimen are collected from nature in nature, mostly by mining. Since childhood, nature has fascinated him and that’s also by that interest he started collecting minerals, and know for 30 years he have been collecting minerals from all over the world and he will never stop!

He’s quite aware that these minerals are far from the most beautiful examples of the individual minerals seen worldwide, but his interest in immortalizing many of the good pieces from his collection, both in rarity and quality has made him plan to do it possible for people around the world to get the experience on poster.

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